Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Exit Leylandii

 At the top corner of our garden are the remaining 3 Leylandii trees.  The time has come for them to go.  They have been a high maintenance, light excluding problem for 20 years.
 Our neighbour's brother is cropping their hedges and I have agreed to order a skip for both jobs if he fells my trees with his magic tools.  He has a long reach chain saw.
 The skip took most of the hedge cuttings and about 2 trees.  What is left will almost fill another skip, that is going after next pension pay day.
 I have stacked some of the cuttings at the back of the shed, there are also some of next doors cuttings in a pile at the apex of their garden. They just need dropping over the fence to the back of the shed to be cut up for the next skip.  Only 3 stumps to dig up now - That is the hardest part of the job.
There is a stack of cuttings on tarpaulins on the side lawn, but they will be cut up by tomorrow and piled at the back of the shed for the time being.

Time for a rest now.........

I have a native tree to plant when the debris is cleared away.  I planted it in a pot 2 years ago, ready for this event.

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