Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Slow progress

 My old car has been in the garage for a while now.  It was up for sale, but did not receive any interest.  I am now looking for someone who wants a good motor at a very modest price.  This Meriva 1.6 life has 4 good quality tyres, a new exhaust, new front discs and two previous careful owners.  It needs Tax, Insurance and Document transfer.  It is currently off road on a SORN so that I do not have to pay tax and insurance on it.
 Now that carrots are plentiful and the weather is wet and cool, we made carrot and fresh coriander soup for lunch. A very British red onion and cheese focaccia and a glass of fresh orange juice made the meal a good one.
My flight simulator has failed due to a hard disk problem.  In  the mean time I have resurrected the flight simulator on my old computer.  It only has one flat screen, but the thing works exceptionally well with a few minor adjustments.
I now have a new hard drive for the failed computer and I am awaiting a reload of the operating system to restore it to its original state.  Should be back and running by the weekend.

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