Sunday, 13 September 2020

More work in the garden

 After the Tree Surgeon (can do that in 2 weeks time) went 6 weeks without setting a date to do the work, I decided to sort out the hawthorne tree in the corner of the garden myself.  The cost of buying the tools and ordering a skip was less than the quote for the work to be done.

The hawthorne is now reduced to the size of the hedge and is putting out new shoots from the remaining and much shortened trunks.  I still have a pile of logs and chopped down branches to skip later in the week.

The lawnmower has been running on the same blade for 2 years now, as a result of none of the local stores carrying the blade required.  I ordered a blade from Amazon and it came two days later.  That has made the grass cutting much easier.

Now that the lawns look smart, it is a joy to sit out. Rosie rewarded my efforts by bringing out an icecream.  Yum!

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