Saturday, 27 October 2007

Back from the Grindstone

Today was the first day I have had to myself this week. Having started a new job, I have been out from 9.30am to after 9pm. The days last week were very long. Rosie and I ventured out to Bakewell for a leisurely shop and a coffee.
On the return, we called in at Rowsley Mill where I tend to buy most of my bread making flour. The mill shop was being re-organised when I arrived. I always park my car in the loading bay when I buy the flour, then move it to the car park on the other side of the Mill when we nip to the coffee shop or the gift shop.

This is still a working Mill on the River Derwent, though it does do a good tourist trade with guided tours, a very good but rickety coffee shop and a wonderful gift shop on the site. Whilst I was loading the flour I photographed the old mill stones at the side of the loading bay. They were not there last time I visited and I assume that they were removed during a refit.
Back home, via a couple of book shops and then to tea..... No prizes for guessing that I spent this evening making bread.


Robert said...

Just when were you going to tell us? Enjoying it already. I liked the 'Me, me, me' posting. Very clever. Thanks for the link. I have taken the liberty of giving you a link called 'Distant Thoughts from Stoke'.



Paul Pursglove said...

The blog is only just up and running. I was going to tell you when I have a good number of pages to show.