Thursday, 11 October 2007

Living on the edge

Whilst hanging around waiting for a meeting I overheard a couple of young men in deep conversation:

A - "I'm p..... off!"
B - "what's up?"
A - "Can't get a job"
B - "You want a job like mine"
A - "you've never had a job"
B - "I have"
A - "Where?"
B - "down Brewers"
A - "never!"
B - "I got the sack"
A - "What for?"
B - "I collapsed - its not fair sacking you for collapsing"
A - "What did you collapse for?"
B - "I was drunk"
A - "Yeah!"

Of course I have edited out the expletives so that the conversation makes some sense. I cannot remember me being like that at their age. I wonder what their nostalgic recollections will be if they live to be my age?

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