Thursday, 1 November 2007

Ghosts on the doors

On Halloween, I found myself visiting a client at an army base in Shropshire. It was a bright and clear evening with a cloudless sky. The temperature was good, but falling. Many of the houses had decorated front doors. The tension was mounting as the sun started to set and the local children started their "trick-or-treating". Below is an example of the intricacies of the door decoration to be found there at this time of year. The young children were out in force (with an appropriate adult escort) to obtain as many treats as possible. My client's two daughters allowed me to trick or treat them, one gave me a sweet. The other lass trick or treated me and I gave her the sweet, much to the distaste of the younger girl. I think they may still be arguing over who should be entitled to that special sweet!

On the way back home, I drove through Stafford to see groups of boys and girls with illuminated devil horns and twinkly costumes parading around the streets. Firework displays were happening in many parts of the county and the world seemed interesting and content.

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