Sunday, 25 November 2007

So on to soup

Today was a restful and relaxing day. We went for a walk at Ilam in the Derbyshire peaks. The National Trust site has always been an attraction, sitting at the side of Thorpe Cloud and the long ridge of Bunster Hill. We walked along the park, following the flow of the River Manifold and returned via the church and on into the village. The church at Ilam has a very distinct shape, unmistakable in its unusual form.

Rosie and I are working strange hours next week, so this chance for a short break is an ideal opportunity to relax. On the drive back home we ventured to Leek and down through Cheddleton, a much more pleasent drive than the bleak road across Couldon Lowe.

I made soup and we had a leisurely lunch, only pesterd occasionally by hungry cats! Cream of mushroon with big chunks and a couple of home made loaves. It was delightful.

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