Sunday, 11 November 2007


I run an information website called The Pterosaur Database. The format of the pages has been under review for some time and I have developed the pages to disuade people from extracting copyright images. Today, I was given the opportunity to update a whole swaithe of pages in a short time - this involves pasting existing page information into a standard template page - a swift operation.

Having now complete the update of all of my Cretaceous Era pages I need a break. This type of work really plays on the mouse wrist if you overdo it.

It was an interesting exercise as I was able to re-check information and identify a number of typographical errors in the original pages.

The picture is of a cast of a pterosaur called Pterodactylus kochi. This little cast sits in one of my cabinets. I am quite proud of it as this was the first pterosaur specimen that I owned. It was given to me in the 1970's when I was recording specimens at the Natural History Museum in London (then the British Museum of Natural History). It was an overcast - the one they make in case any of the others in a batch break. None did!

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