Saturday, 22 December 2007

Out for the Count

The season of good will does not hold any sway with our micro-organic cohabitants on Planet Earth. A casual trip to the doctors for a checkup and a waiting room full of mothers with sniffling children and I have a cold, the first I have had for some years. It has now developed into a hacking dry cough. Poor old Rosie is a day behind me and feeling as grim as can be. We have spent today idling forlornly in front of the TV or reclining on the bed, feeling sorry for ourselves.

I was not even impresses when I left the skin of a baked potato and one of out tom cats polished it off with gusto. He is an odd lad!

Tomorrow is a new day and I would hope the worst of this infection is over and we will feel fit to do a few normal things again.

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