Sunday, 9 December 2007

Tudor Christmas at Ford Green Hall

It was the end of our weekly shift at the Royal Mail MDEC centre and we decided to celebrate by visiting Ford Green Hall for its Tudor Christmas event. This hall is a magnificent survivor of an earlier age and the atmosphere and character of this event was stunning.

The hall was suitably decorated in the seasonal trimmings that you would expect from a traditional, though wealthy, Tudor house. The smell of oranges and cloves, the freshly cooked meats and sweetbreads and of course the music which was provided by a troupe of 6 musicians, called Forlorn Hope, and their helpers.

Several classic Tudor and earlier tunes were performed on a variety of ancient and reproduction instruments from the time. I was impressed with the bagpipe, the violin and the lute. This was a welcome change to sitting in front of a computer screen from 6am to 2pm, processing errant mail.

I have also made a few video clips, though the lighting conditions and equipment were not really up to the job. This seasonal one has been put on line for any brave soul to download - it is 6.9MB so it will take a little time. Jingle Bells

And so to home, with a warm glow and a peaceful feeling with which to start our day off.

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Robert said...

I downloaded 'Jingle Bells'. The one of the left looks like my mother in the half-light. Susan was watching at the same time as me and thought the same. How you two find the time to work, manage your chores, care for the pussies and still go out is very impressive.

We are taking on a pusscat next week. Her name is 'Markesa' and is our friend Michael's cat, which I went with him to choose at the CPL a few years ago. Michael is now in a home and they are unable to take 'Marky' as I think I'm going to call her.