Friday, 1 February 2008

All present and correct

Many years ago I started collecting fossil trilobites to use in courses that I ran on fossils and geology. Having recently discovered this collection again I have re-cataloged the specimens and updated their classification. Over the years some of species names and family associations of specimens have changed. I am pleased to say that I have found every specimen. The only missing one is allocated a name that has not existed, so I am not sure that there was ever a Cretocephalus specimen.
Cryptolithus bellulus

I was surprises to find so many fine specimens, many of museum quality. There were also some casts of very rare and unusual trilobites. Amongst the last draws were some jelly mold specimens from morocco - resin casts of fine specimens fixed in a reformed rock matrix and sold as real fossils.
Olenus truncatus .......... Olenus gibbosus

I am particularly pleased with a set of Olenid specimens of which many show the full carapace. The collection is good enough for me to create a pictorial website in order to document it to the world. Perhaps this may happen by the end of the year. At present I am enjoying taking photographs of the various specimens.

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