Monday, 25 February 2008

Max and the Tulips

It is always a joy when your cats are interested in everyday human life. Rosie came home from shopping with some tulips and Max has been enjoying the experience with gusto. He liked to sit and observe new things in the house. This simple jug of flowers was almost as interesting as the Christmas tree was.

This evening, the sunset down the street was unusual. A long bank of low furrowed cloud base was illuminated with a bright orange glow leaving a striped effect across the sky from North to South. Like all amazing sunsets, the light was constantly changing. It was difficult to choose a representative image - I took several pictures at the time. It is now dark and the memory of the sunset is fading.
The forcast is for a cold night (1 or 2 degrees Celcius) and wet weather in the morning. The old adage "Red sky at night, shepards delight" (hardly appropriate in this age of motorcars and central heating) may well hold, as the temperature forcast is warmer than expected for tomorrow. At least there will be no ground frost in this part of the county. This will allow my early seeds to get a good start in the garden.

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