Wednesday, 20 February 2008


What is that awful smell? It smells like doggy doo... Where is it coming from?

At 6.30 pm the last thing you need is a vile smell in the house. We do not have a dog, but that smell is unmistakable. Both of us were in our carpet slippers and neither had been out, so we had to look to the cats.

Max was OK. Oh no... Tom. Looks like he has been in the pond. His back end is sopping wet and he smells awful. Poor old boy. We will have to bath him.

Tom was a mature cat when we acquired him - very street wise and well respected amongst the cat and human community. I doubt that he has been bathed before in his life. He is normally so clean for an old boy.

I went to fetch the cat shampoo and Rosie found an old towel. We confined tom to the bathroom and turned on the hand shower to settle the water temperature. Then catch one Tom, put him in the bath and scrub. He was quite resigned to his fate and allowed me to bathe him with little objection. That cat really trusts me.

On investigation, I suspect that he fell into the pond, which is iced over in all but one corner, then in the scamper out he trod into some dog dirt. It was domestic, not at all like fox droppings, and well entrenched into his back paw.

The hair dryer was also a new experience for our Tom, but it did fluf his fur up a treat.

We now have a sweet smelling and soft cat, just needs a few minor salivary adjustments to restore normality.

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Robert said...

Just seen it. I hadn't looked before today. The indignity of it all!