Monday, 11 February 2008

We saw a Nuthatch

Today started with a fine sunrise and, for this time of year, a very mild morning. It was not long before the cats were out and about. After a while of tidying, I found Max and Chloe sitting in the sunshine together on the rain butts and compost bin. These are two cats who grumble if they are in the same room together. They are brother and sister, so that is no surprise.

Having completed our mornings business, I started a batch of bread, then we went for a walk at Consal Forge Country Park. This has always been a favorite haunt, since it combines country and forest walks with a canalside stroll and a railway adventure - not to mention the pub half way round and a unique combination of lime kilns, steep forest staircases and a pottery.
At Consal station, I photographed an American steam locomotive pulling a "Wizardy day" special. The train was loaded with witches and wizards, hikers and enthusiasts of all descriptions. I also took a video clip of the train coming into the station. When we were stopped later by a group of tourists, I was able to play back the video on my camera and direct them to the fun.

On the return walk, we were lucky to see a low flying buzzard, just s few feet above our heads. Of course, my camera was swithed off and Rosie was unable to get the photograph since she was in the middle of the track and a car drove past at the crucial moment, forcing her to abandon the shot and step to the roadside.
We ventured into the woods and saw lots of purching birds flitting amongst the trees. I was delighted to spot a nuthatch, they are not so common around these parts. It stayed long enough for me to zoom in for a couple of shots.

Back home for tea and Rosies chocolate cake, and to complete my batch of bread.

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