Friday, 14 March 2008

Over the top at Consall

Consall Forge Nature Reserve is one of our local natural habitats. Much of the site is primordial forest and largely undisturbed woodland. The area near the toilets and visitor centre is a picnic area and there are good pathways giving access the low lying forest area and the fishing ponds (which are well managed). A slight detour along a small and insignificant pathway leads to the upper forested areas where the general public seldom venture. This is the domain of the locals and walking enthusiasts, and there is a clear absence of litter and human disturbance up there.
Walking in the woodlands we observed lots of birds actively marking territory and seeking mates. We saw the ubiquitous tits and chaffinches, hawks and dunnock, and in the lower regions, mallard and nuthatch. All of the time we could hear the call of pheasant, but did not see anything of them. This became the chalange of the day - to find and photograph a pheasant.
Got one! A fine specimen of a cock pheasant.

It is Rosie's anniversary today - 3 years of blogging - well done!

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