Friday, 28 March 2008

Recovering old photographs

For some years I have been meaning to scan my 35mm negatives to digital format. I have done this for other people, and this year I started on my own old negatives. This one from 2001 is Tom in repose on the bed.
I was not surprised to find that some of the negatives were heavily scratched and one or two strips of negatives from the 1970-80's were starting to decompose and adhere to their wraps. I have so far discarded 5 negatives as unrecoverable.
In the process, I have had a clear out around the office. This has cleared the top of the desktop computer case - a new place for Chloe to snooze whilst we are working.
There are some unusual pictures that have been forgotten over time. This one is with a cat called Smudge, who lived with us at Ashley in 1995. She would go for a walk on a lead. What an odd thing for a cat!
We did not know how old she was at the time. She was a feral stray who was known to have had lots of kittens around Dersingham in Norfolk. She lived with us in Lincolnshire for years. If you failed to feed her on time, she would go and catch her own food and return to the food bowls to eat it.
So far I have scanned about 25 sets of negatives, only a few hundred more to go.

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