Sunday, 27 April 2008

Teversal Manor

Teversal Manor is a house in Derbyshire which is run as a cafe and gift shop. The food is first class and the service is excellent. Attached to the house is a splendid garden which is arranged in two parts. The main area behind the house is laid to lawn and beds, dropping in levels with steps between. At the side is a maze of smaller beds and features, forming a sculpture garden
We know the Manor from one of our relatives working there. Today we went to meet one of Rosies old friends from the distant past. We had an excellent day.
Walking in the gardens was a delight. The flower beds are just starting to look impressive, with blooms appearing everywhere and trees in blossom. After the rains, there is still some work to do. I was disappointed to find that thieves had stolen the ornate lead roofing from the sun house and the gazebo.
In a few weeks, the garden will be at its best, with more blooms and the developing beds finished to show new exhibits to their full potential.
We are looking forward to a return visit in the summer, to see the changes and perhaps photograph some butterflies and bees.


Celia Ellis said...

Are the gardens still open to the public please? Thank you

Paul Pursglove said...

"Teversal Manor" was put up for sale and redevelopment in 2012 as the owners were unable to maintain their business due to family issues. I know it did not sell and was withdrawn from sale in 2013, I seem to recall, when the planning permission ran out. It is a building in meed of repair and as far as I am aware, it has not been sold. "Teversal Manor Hall" is a village hall facility in teversal that is avaiable for hire.