Saturday, 3 May 2008

Ahead of the rain

The weather forecast looks dim today, Sunny morning and torrential rain in the afternoon, continuing throughout tomorrow - so lets go for an early walk.

We set out early to find some printer ink and do a little food shopping. Afterwards, we ventured out towards Leek and on to Tittesworth reservoir in the shadow of the Roaches. The bird song was worth the trip alone. We saw Chaffinch, Linnet, Blackbird, Thrush, Robin, Curlew, Swan, Coot, Tufted Duck and more....

Grey Wagtail

I saw a grey squirrel foraging in the scrub and trees, eating buds and shoots. With a little stealth and care I was able to take a good photograph before I was spotted and left alone in the woods.

On our return, I saw a robin perched in a bush. I took a rather poor photograph from a distance. Then I asked the robin if it would stay if I moved closer (daft idea to talk to the wild birds), it did stay, and I have a good image to show for it (sometimes talking to yourself can have its rewards).

Back home via the Roaches, seeing the roadside exhibits of the Meerbrook scarecrow festival on the way. The view of the reservoir and the surrounding countryside from the road at the base of Hen Cloud is amazing.

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