Monday, 9 June 2008

JCB World Headquarters

JCB makes (probably) the best diggers in the world. The also have a fine area of water parkland outside their world headquarters at Rocester, with a fine collection of rare and wonderful water fowl. I stopped off to photograph some of the birds whilst driving over to see my brother. There are Black swan cygnets and Hawaiian geese (ne-ne) amongst the collection.
This is a Barnacle goose, often confused with the ubiquitous Canada goose. This goose has a white face, whereas the Canada goose has a white bib.
The Egyptian geese always look to me as if they have been in a fight and come out with a black eyes. They are often hunched up and they stick together in small groups.
I love the look of the Bar-neck goose. This is a cool customer, never stressed and as casual as you like. This goose knows that it always looks good.
This is a juvenile Coot, showing off its individually webbed toes.
There is parking at the JCB headquarters, which allows the public access to the walks around the lake. It is worth a visit to see the unusual sculptures and the extent of the birds on the site.

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