Monday, 14 July 2008

Chloe watches a squirrel

Whilst Rosie was looking out of the landing window, she spotted a squirrel at the base of the bird feeder. It was totally engrossed in eating fallen seeds, totally unaware that Chloe was sitting on a nearby bench watching its every move. Chloe is a cat who is interested in wildlife - she can sit and watch a woodlouse for hours.

Curiosity always gets the better of this cat and she moved closer for a better view. The squirrel was unaware of her presence and continued to eat its seeds. This closer observation went on for a few seconds until the squirrel realized that the cat was there.

In an instant the squirrel went from 0 to 60 .... making the 100 yard dash up the side lawn and into the top of the shed. Squirrels can easily outrun cats.

Chloe, well, she just watched it go and then went back to her bench to observe the rest of the evening.

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