Thursday, 31 July 2008

Computers - Aarghh!

A few days ago, our desktop computer (an elderly beast) crashed forever. The power pack was not showing any life, so I ordered a new one and fitted it. No joy - the motherboard was defunct.

Next task was to install a new motherboard and processor. That should restore the old machine. At least the peripherals came to life and the fan worked. The hard drive had suffered and was missing some crucial files and boot data. It had burned.

So a new hard drive. The new SATA drives are amazingly fast and relatively inexpensive. Easy to fit and off we go. Joy - it works - now I just have to install windows.

In goes the disc, computer boots up from CD and the windows loader appears. OK, now press f8 to install windows. Bum! I have a Microsoft keyboard and the f keys will not work without a driver - so I cannot load windows. I either need a new windows version with service pack 1 installed on CD at a 3 figure sum, or a £2.50 basic keyboard from Asda before I can get the machine running again.

Don't you just love computer technology. Tomorrow I will succeed! (after a trip to Asda.....)

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