Sunday, 13 July 2008

Consall Forge

Consal Forge Country Park is a splendid natural reserve with a variety of woodland habitats over a variable range of terrains. Today we walked over the top, through the carr and up the slope of the woodland to the fir forest and on to the ridge. At this point we saw a Kestel soaring around the treetops. It was calling with a shrill Pweee! Pweee! as it sailed overhead.

The call was for two smaller and clearly younger Kestrels which were circling nearby. Another call sounded in the valley below, a little different in pitch and duration. As we looked across a large buzzard rose up from the tree tops and flew away. It was close enough to see the colours under its wings as it turned, but alas, my camera was switched off.

The giant mace reed is somewhat sparce at the edge of the fishing pond. No doubt the growth will thicken in a few years. I was taken by the calm water and the clear reflections o n its surface.

How often do you see a canal boat and a steam train at the same time, nowadays. Well, at Consall Forge Station on the Churnet Valley Railway, you can occasionally see such an event as the canal, railway, road and river all follow the valley bottom.

Puzzle of the week! Has anyone seen my 9 toed wolfhound?

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