Friday, 18 July 2008

More about the Starling chicks

24 hours on and the little chicks are doing well. I have been feeding them on moist home made bread and biscuits, garden berries (blackcurrant, mahonia and berberis), de-hulled sunflower seed and water.

They will only take what you put into their beaks, the birds have not yet learned how to pick up food, though the adventurous one will manipulate food placed in its beak. They are stronger now, and buzzing around the cage, flexing their wings. The wound on the smaller chick has healed and there seems to be no infection.
Today, they were placed out in the garden. Hopefully, their chirping will attract other starlings to which they can relate to and maybe fit in with. The only Starlings we saw were a long way off. When the birds are more able to fly I plan to release them into the trees at the top of the garden.

It seems strange to have the chirping of birds in the conservatory and at the back of the garage.

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