Sunday, 3 August 2008

Tittesworth Reservoir

Tittesworth Reservoir is North east of the town of Leek in Staffordshire. It is a popular attraction with a cafe and lots of walks in the woods and by the waterside. There is always something interesting to see there and today was no exception. We had stopped off for lunch after walking on Hen Cloud and we met 4 amazing deer hounds. They are big soft friendly dogs and they were somewhat disappointed that we had finished lunch when they arrived.
The water level at the reservoir is quite low and appear to be falling. This seems typical at this time of year across the UK, even though we have had a good amount of rain. The picture below shows the east side of the reservoir with The Roaches in the background. The outcrop that can be seen here is Hen Cloud.It was interesting to walk in the reservoir bed and see the cracked sediment as it dries out in the sunshine. Just occasionally a section of brick wall or the odd stone lintel can be seen, legacy from the days when the valley was flooded to form the reservoir.

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