Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Things around the garden

The weather has been good for a day, the lawn is cut, the birds are singing and the sun is shining - albeit through a gap in the clouds. The Fuschias have flowered well this year. Strolling around the garden I tend to see things that pass other by.
This magpie was cackling at the top of one of the trees, almost unseen by folk on the ground. There are a group of magpies that congregate in the neighbourhood and they can be quite noisy from time to time.
I saw this caterpillar resting on the stem of spearmint in the pond. It is an unusual larva and I was a little miffed that I could not find my identification key.
Of course, at this time of the year, the garden spiders are very active. webs can be found all over the garden, trapping small and medium sized flying insects.
There seemed to be a lot of dragonfly activity this year. The wet weather would certainly favour development of these avian carnivores. above is a Yellow Winged Darter - Sympetreum flaviolum, which is native to the UK.
This red bodied dragonfly is a Vagrant Darter - Sympetreum vulgatum. It is an erratic coloniser in Staffordshire, only breeding when the conditions are favourable. These little fellows were found sunning on the walls of the raised beds in the vegetable garden.

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