Sunday, 2 November 2008

Hoping to see a fox

This weekend we have been cat sitting for our next door neighbours. Rosie has been going next door to feed their cat and to monitor the lights and heating. Yesterday evening I went round to put out the fox food and see if I could get a photograph of the local foxes.
Our neighbours have been feeding foxes for as long as I can remember and occasionally one will come close enough to be hand fed at times. The last fox I saw was over a month ago, when a big dog fox was observed stretching in front of our garden shed in full daylight. We occasionally hear the barks and wails in the distance, but are seldom bothered or even notice their presence.
On a frosty morning you can often see where the foxes have been as they cut across our top lawn to gain access to our neighbours garden.
I put out some sausage rolls, food which the local foxes quite like. Then sat and waited - No foxes to be seen that evening. Needless to say, the food was gone by morning.
There is an outside light to the garden area, which the foxes are used to. This illuminates the near garden and the foxes are normally seen eating and generally playing around. With no fox in sight, I contented myself with a night time picture of their Pampas Grass.
Perhaps I shall try again soon to see these elusive animals.

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