Sunday, 28 December 2008

Out for a walk

Whilst walking in Fenton Park today, we came across a mahonia bush in flower. In our garden, we expect this in March, not December. Its an odd year....
We also noticed that a bed of thick bushes and trees had been thinned to extremes. You can now see across the road to the houses at the side of the park. This has removed a great deal of wildlife habitat i this area. Still, there is plenty more suitable habitat growth around the park.
Just thought I would include this picture of two Canada Geese which I took yesterday. Only because I like it.

I am using this break in the Christmas holiday to update my pterosaur bibliography. There have been two new pterosaur fossil finds published this month which is quite exciting for an enthusiast.

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Robert said...


I really like the view of the houses created by the thinning of the trees and bushes etc. Your picture has a kind of 1920s feel to it. The folk in the houses, I assume, also get a better view of the park.