Saturday, 25 April 2009

Tiles go underground

There are quite a few pedestrian subways in Newcastle Under Lyme. Many are decorated with paintings of townscapes and events. Last week, the one I use to walk from work into town was being refurbished with tiles, quite appropriate considering the proximity to the Potteries.

I like tiles and I just thought I would share these pictures.


Robert said...

Hello Paul
You've gone 'urban' with this posting and just to show that I'm still looking, the 2nd – 4th and last pics are no more than an orange dot in the top left-hand corner. Otherwise the tile montages look as if they could keep me occupied for quite a while. It's the kind of urban street art I enjoy seeing. You'll have to take me on a visit the next time we come over.
Love for now. Robert

Paul Pursglove said...

I don't know why some of the pictures occasionally fail. I think it is something to do with your computer cache. It occasionally happens on my desktop, but never on my laptop, and never on Rosies side of the machine.