Saturday, 9 May 2009

Taking Pictures

Having spent some time in the garden, the vegetable beds are now all planted. Having finished one job, I noticed that the Clematis that creeps up the Leylandii at the top of the garden was in full flower. This plant always looks good at this time of year. This inspired me to take a few pictures of the flowers in the garden (68 to be precise).
Just to try something different, I took a piece of whitened hardboard and held it behind some of the flowers in order to obtain a clear image of just the plant in question. Above is the blossom of Yeria japonica, which flowers profusely throughout the summer. This plant sits in front of the greenhouse and is about 6 feet high and 10 feet across.
Wild Garlic is abundant at the top of the garden under the Plum and Hazel trees The flowers are surrounded by green leaves and the occasional branch. By dropping a board behind a single flower, the clarity of the picture is much improved. The smell of wild garlic is wonderful at this time of year.
This year has seen a lot of growth of wild plants, including this one, field forget-me-not, which is also known in some parts as "scorpion grass", referring to the form of the flower which produces buds like a scorpion sting. Using a background board and lettering from Photoshop, it is very simple to produce passable illustrations of plants without much effort. The plants are still growing in the garden and nothing has been disturbed.
Another high point today was a visit from a pair of Goldfinches. They were passing and stopped to nibble a few buds. This bird is not a common visitor to our garden.

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