Tuesday, 9 June 2009


We arrived home from our adventures today to make a nice cup of tea and plan dinner. A few moments passes then Rosie said "That's an unusual noise". It was a harsh and repetitive screech coming from the garden. Picking up my camera, which was conveniently placed on the kitchen table, I ventured out to explore.
On the bird feeder was a parakeet. It looked relaxed and confident about its presence and allowed me to approach quite closely. Not too close - it flew off low and fast, almost flying into our tom cat Max. After doing a nimble 180 degree turn it flew up into a nearby tree, where it stayed a while. The screech continued at a distance.
Having looked in the books it is clear that this bird is a Cockatiel. This is a native bird from Australia and is probably an escapee, though it did look and behave like a wild bird. It is flying around the trees at the back of our garden this evening and may stay around for a while if we put out appropriate food.

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