Sunday, 12 July 2009

More Gliders

One of the first hand launch gliders I made in the 1970's was a biplane. This design was made out of 1/32 inch balsa sheet and was an appropriate model for flying indoors as well as outside. Its tiny size made it a quick and easy glider to construct. The original design was one by Don McGovern and it is a gem.
It is an easy to fly model and it is also quite a slow flyer so it is easy to photograph in flight. With the correct balance, this little model can fly a good distance. Also, a little balsa cement on streaked on one side of the tail fin will make the little beauty turn in circles, so it is not such a trek to recover it when it lands.
My next model was a flying wing. This glider, by Eric Gammie, was called Cutlass. It was inspired by the American fighter plane of the 1960's.
The design is a twin boomed flying wing with washout on the outboard planes. It is a fast flyer and my model flew straight and true. Good exercise on the recovery.

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