Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Queens Park, Longton

The potteries towns each have municipal parks. Longton has a large park with lakes and forested areas, including tennis courts, a children's play area and several crown bowling greens, not to mention a bandstand and open spaces areas. It also has a population of resident grey squirrels who are not shy of the public.
They will often forage within yards of people, on one occasion I saw a squirrel feeding in the middle of a tennis game, between the players. They will run up to you and hope to be fed. If you fail to feed them, they lose interest and move on to the next potential meal provider.
There is always someone with a handful of peanuts or a piece of bread. These little beasties will feed from a steady hand without reservation. The only thing that seems to put them off is the presence of rock doves.
There are Canada geese on the lakes at this time of year. They can be seen grazing in the lawns. However, they do seem to respect the greens and stop grazing where the grass is so closely cropped. The problem with wild geese is that they tend to foul some areas of the park near the waters edge, so at times you need to take care of where you step.

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