Monday, 17 August 2009

Tomatoes at last

When I woke up this morning I was full of energy, so I went downstairs and started to make some bread and biscuits. By mid-morning I had two batons of sun dried tomato and parmisan bread and a tray full of ginger biscuits.
It seems an age since I planted out the tomato seeds in January. With the overcast and cool weather the plants have been making slow progress this year - but at last there are ripe fruits. Yesterday I picked the first tomatoes from the vine. This called for a celebratory lunch of tomato soup. With a good harvest of onions, this was an easy lunch to prepare.
Dice the onions and fry them until soft - skin the tomatoes and cook them down until squidgy - saving a few lumps of tomato and onion aside, pass the tomatoes through a sieve to remove seeds and then add the onions. Add a little crushed garlic and pepper. Liquidise the soup thoroughly, then add in the saved lumps of tomato and onion with a good amount of shredded basil leaves. Warm and serve.
The tomato soup went well with my early morning bread and a little spread. I am easily satisfied with meals made mainly from home grown produce.
Fortified, we then went on to tidy up the newly decorated upstairs rooms and clear the garage. Now to pickle the beetroot that was rescued after a local badger disturbed my veg. beds and dug up a few carrots and beetroot. The joys of gardening abound.

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