Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The last of the summer fruits

The last of the crop from the garden is being picked today. There are still quite a few tomatoes in the greenhouse and the crop of cucumbers is giving its last fruits. I have picked the last 5 plums from the trees and there is still a little rhubarb to be had.
Looking a little further, there is a single lettuce in the raised beds, a few chives, and the last of the nasturtium flowers. There are 3 lonely beetroot plants and the sprouts have been decimated by an abundance of snails and slugs.
This years hazelnut crop was in abundance. They were delicious, though I did not have any myself.
But I do know who did eat them and he is not in the least repentant!
Every year I try to pick a few filberts (hazelnuts) and every year I go to the tree too late. One year I will have my nuts......

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