Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Sky at Solomons Temple

Solomon's Temple is a folly to the east of Buxton in Derbyshire. It was built following a design by Solomon Mycock in the 1890s by public subscription. It is located in Grinlow Park at the highest point in the old quarry, where you can climb to the tower top and view the surrounding landscape.
We had travelled to the Park at noon, driving over the Roaches, where we encountered snow and thick cold fog. The air temperature fell from 6 degrees in Stoke, to 1 degree on the Pennines. By the time we had dropped down to Buxton the air temperature was reading 2 degrees on the car thermometer.
In late November, with an advancing cold front, the cloud is thick and low in the sky. An occasional break in the cloud cover allowed me to take the accompanying photographs.

The day continued to be cold and dismal so we went home to a warming curry with nan bread.

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