Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Keeping Warm

For some years we had intended to fully insulate our house. Today we took the first steps in an operation of military precision which had been planned before the big winter freeze. A team of technicians descended on the property and installed cavity wall insulation. There was noise and pipes everywhere, and within 2 hours the job was done. Rose went shopping during the operation and came back with lots of goodies.
The wall cavities were filled with a synthetic wool which was injected under pressure into holes drilled in the mortar between the bricks. The holes were patched with fresh mortar and when it dries, you should not be able to see where they have been. There is now a notice stapled to one of the beams in the loft, which, along with the worksheet and payment slip is the only visible evidence that the work has been done.
In the afternoon, we went to the big B & Q warehouse and purchases 9 rolls of roof insulation felt and 3 packs of loft flooring boards. By evening a good proportion of the loft was re-insulated to a depth you could get lost in. All was done at winter sale prices and we had change out of £200 for the whole days work - thanks to a special deal with E-On, who supply us with our gas and electricity.
I just have to finish insulating the loft tomorrow (or the day after, when the muscle aches have subsided)

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