Saturday, 23 January 2010


Today was a day when I made ginger biscuits. Our 'chicken' timer failed to ring and I managed to burn half of the batch. Short of biscuits I decided to make Welsh cakes. They are quick and easy and tasty.
Just put the dry ingredients into a bowl and rub in the fat. Add a beaten egg and stir into a dough. Roll out thinly (less than 1cm) and cut circles. Cook in a frying pan that is slightly oiled, a griddle is better. Flip regularly to cook them evenly.

250g plain flour
85g sugar
85g currants
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
freshly ground nutmeg
165g margarine
1 large egg

As an experiment, I baked two Welsh cakes in the oven. They were not as appealing to look at, but they did taste the same.
This recipe is based on a traditional Welsh method that was published in 1977 by Elizabeth David. Like all traditional recipes, the method will change from region to region and between families, but the principle of making Welsh cakes is the same.

Variations include substituting the nutmeg with cinnamon and mace, using a little milk in the mix, adding salt, and traditionally - using Welsh salted butter. Some prefer using sultanas rather than currants (the currants should be soaked for an hour before using in the mix - sultanas just go in as they are.) Occasionally you will find Welsh cakes with chopped mixed peal added. The variations are all fine, but I prefer my usual mix.

Pawb ddylu bori Cymraeg cacen

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