Monday, 1 February 2010

The Robin's Patch

Today was another mild bout of winter, with the temperature hovering around freezing and a dusting of fine powdery snow. The car stayed in its garrage and we walked to the park and back for some exercise.
In the garden, our very own robin was protecting his territory with a rather skewed passion. He regards our garden bird feeder as his very own lunch box and is very choosy as to who he allows to use it. The blue tits, coal tits and great tits are fine - sparrows he will tolerate - but if a dunnock comes anywhere near the feeder, it will be chased off with a vengeance.
Even if the dunnock is feeding on the ground spill. That robin hates dunnocks, or perhaps just one, as I have only seen one at a time chased off. He will chase the bird away, then return to the feeder for a meal worm treat.
Of course, when the starlings arrive, all of the other birds move aside. These raucous and gregarious flocking birds are just to fast and furious for our usually calm garden residents. During the long and icy winter this year, the birds have been more dependent on the garden feeders and more individuals are seen around the locality. The usual dozen or so starlings are now well over 100 flocking birds and the 3-5 local pigeons are more like 20 in number.

The photos are a bit hazy as they are taken from indoors. It seems daft going out in the cold when it is not necessary.

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