Friday, 19 March 2010

Buxton Museum

It has been some years since I visited Buxton Museum, so I had to go, especially as it has recently been refurbished. The museum is on Terrace Row, between the upper and lower town and just across the road from the park at The Slopes.
The museum boasts a fine collection of local fossil and archaeological material. For me, the highlights is the Wonders of the Peak exhibition and the interesting display settings. Anyone who visits Buxton and fails to go into the Museum is missing a real treat.
Gallery One is used for travelling exhibitions and between 6 Feb and 11 April the gallery shows a fine display of fossil sculptures by local artist Andy Hill called Ferrassic Park. Above is a finely proportioned and life size skull sculpture of Tyrannosurus rex in steel.
Some of the sculptures are for sale and there are both indoor and outdoor models of all sizes. This is a very popular exhibition, which I had the pleasure of seeing "off peak" with permission to photograph the gallery. Whilst these exhibits were dinosaur sculptures, Andy has made a pterosaur sculpture which I would dearly like to see. What a splendid day out.
Just up the road at Pools Cavern (also a good visit, great coffee shop) is the country park of Grin Low Woods. It is about a 25 minute walk to Soloman's Temple, a folly on an exposed hill above the town. There is such a lot to do in this part of Derbyshire around Buxton and we are never disappointed by any of its treats.

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