Friday, 26 March 2010

Deer in the Gardens

Trentham Gardens still has a number of building bases within the woodland. During the war, the woodland was used to house the major banks in a series of brick buildings. By moving the banks to a relatively safe area away from airfields and wartime industrial production sites, it was hoped that the financial institutions would be safe from the attention of the Luftwaffe. This was a wise move by the government of the day as the banks remained undisturbed throughout the war.
It is also the case that part of the woods was used to house detainees during the war, and later, some of the buildings were used as part of a holiday caravan site after the war. The buildings have been demolished and now only a hint of their extent remains.
As we walked on, we noticed deer tracks by the paths. This was unusual as all of the deer were cleared out of the gardens when they were developed for paid access. We could not resist following the tracks.
There they were, 4 fallow deer hinds. They should be on the other side of the fencing to keep them away from the beds of the Italian Gardens. Oops - someone must have left a gate open!
The deer were very skittish and they galloped off at a fast pace when we approached. They seemed very alarmed by the presence of so many people in the gardens. No doubt all will be well when the gamekeeper catches up with them.

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