Saturday, 6 March 2010


With the prolonged cold weather and snow, Rosie and I have been getting little exercise. Now that the weather is improving and the ground under foot is better, we are out and about walking again.
We spotted these Fallow deer whilst taking a turn around Trentham lake yesterday. The hinds were congregating in the field across the River Trent where the spring grazing is good.
Today we walked around Westport Lakes where we spotted this tufted duck enjoying the liquid water for a change. Westport has perhaps the largest number of water birds in the City. It also has a brand new visitor centre and cafe which is fully eco-friendly and where you can get a coffee and a cake for less than tourist prices. There are a remarkable number of green spaces within Stoke-on-Trent and it seems a shame not to take advantage of them.
Of course, the Potteries are also home to a number of surviving bottle ovens. These three are part of the historic heritage just west of Burslem in Middleport.
This fine bottle oven is at the old Longport Bottle Bank, as seen from the canal side near the Longport Marina. The photograph was taken earlier today as we walked along the Trent and Mersey canal.

Home for tea and its Staffordshire oat cakes filled with tomato, cheeses and mushrooms, accompanied with a green salad, just the job on a cool spring evening.

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