Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I have just finished moving the old soil out of the greenhouse and adding it to the raised beds at the top of the garden. I have a greenhouse full of fresh compost, all set to take the first lettuce and radish seedlings. The tomatoes and spinach will be added next week, now that the worst of the frosts are over.
Whilst working in the garden, I noticed movement in the pond. The frogs are back in residence.
They have not spawned yet, but it will not be long now.
The frogs are alert and they dart under the water as soon as you approach the pond. Most are in their dark winter colours of muddy brown, a similar shade to the pond water at present, so they are difficult to count. I estimate about 15 frogs at present. They have arrived a couple of weeks later than last year and I would expect to see frog spawn next week.

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Thanks for your comment, yes, I have seen the website, I really enjoyed the exhibition, I'm glad you found my post and enjoyed it too!