Monday, 29 March 2010

Oh Deer

We visited Jacksons Nursery at Bucknall for a morning coffee and some plants. When we arrived it was feeding time for the deer, so we spent a little time watching the show.
These are Sika deer, a bit smaller than red deer and with smaller antlers and a squeaky voice. There is a dominant male and a group of hinds, with a few younger deer and a couple of small bucks. They are a very placid herd, being used to people as they are contained in a pasture field next to the Nursery car park.

The coffee was good and we had toast. Jacksons have a splendid coffee shop with a central wood fire giving a warm glow to the place and a personal approach to service. It is a family business and it feels like one.

We did not get the plants we wanted and so moved on to the farm shop and nursery at the back of the Foxfield Steam Railway Station off Caverswall Old Road at Moor Green. Rosie got her plants there.

When we got home, Rosie was giggling in the dressing room. "you will just have to come and see this....!"

Chloe had taken a pair of my neatly folded trousers and dragged them to the radiator. She had opened the waistband out and was using them as a nest. She has her own way of doing things.......Oh Dear!

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