Monday, 5 April 2010

GWR 5199

Walking over the Easter holiday we ventured to Consal Forge Country Park. In the fields along the river valley we saw these fine Jacob rams, they entered into quite a conversation with us - a pity I don't speak sheep!
Whilst walking along the canal, we heard the puff puff of a steam train, so I walked down to the railway line just in time to catch a glimpse of it. This was Prairie Tank Locomotive 5199 on its way along the Churnet Valley Steam Railway to Cheddleton Station. Quite a surprise since this Loco was on the Llangollen Railway not so long ago.
Having made a few enquiries, the Loco is on loan from Llangollen Railway. It was running on the Bluebell Line last year and it arrived at Froghall Station in January this year for the Winter Steam Gala. It has been retained a little longer to allow maintenance work on the other engines. 5199 was built in 1934 for the Great Western Railway Company (GWR) and it is in their Green and black livery. It is a 2-6-2T large Prairie Locomotive with a 4 ton tender and a 200psi boiler


roachling said...

I wonder if this is loaned regularly to Cheddleton as I have a photo of the same engine just arriving at Cheddleton, taken in July 2009

Paul Pursglove said...

The Loco was on loan then. I understand that it went down south for some wheel repairs and was returned to Froghall in January. That is apparently where they load and unload the engines onto the line.