Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The swallows are here

This morning we ventured to walk around the lake at Trentham. A large number of swallows were soaring above our heads as we entered the North Entrance. They were quite distinctive with their deeply forked tails and dark throats. These are the first swallows I have seen this year.
I was also quite pleased to see cormorants roosting in the trees on the island. The distance was about at the limit of the camera lens that I had, but the resulting photograph is clear enough to see them. I knew that there was a pair of cormorants on the lake, but we counted four in the trees and I saw one on the water further down the lake. They are fast becoming an established inland bird.
The grey herons are much larger and easier to photograph. This one was on the lakeside not far from the path. On a quiet day you can catch quite a few close up, though when the lakeside is busy, the herons tend to remain on the islands.
A few days ago I noticed a pair of Mandarin ducks and we spotted them again today. This time they were on the water and much easier to photograph.
Of course, no walk in the wooded area by the lake would be complete without seeing a squirrel.
We also saw some jays and a firecrest, but they were fare too quick for the camera. The season has turned now that the swallows are in town.

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