Friday, 21 May 2010

Flash Frogs

Tonight I went out to take some pictures of flowers using flash photography.  I noticed quite a lot of frogs in the pond.
 I was surprised that they stayed put when the camera was close and the flash fired.  Many of these frogs will ignore me, but I was accompanied by Max, our adventurous 14 year old tomcat, in this adventure
This frog was quite happy to allow be to get up close and personal.  I am quite pleased with the quality of the image.  The camera strap had a dip in the pond, but I am sure that it will clean up OK.
 I presume that the frogs cannot see Max in  the dark.  Normally, when a cat is this close, the frogs are gone in an instant.  Earlier this afternoon I had counted 24 frogs visible at one time. I am sure that there are more in the pond as they take refuge from the heat of the day.

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