Saturday, 15 May 2010

How late is the garden

The ferns are starting to extend their leaves in  the forest.  They are quite interesting at this time of year.  I have also noticed the ferns in my garden are starting to shoot up.
On the lakeside, the geese are raising their goslings which are well on time and growing at a pace.  At Trentham you can see both Canada goose and Graylag with young.  The resident Mallards and other ducks have not yet got young, so they are late hatching this year.
Just yesterday I saw the first Rhododendron flowers in full bloom.  They are usually fully out at this time of year, but at present, most are just showing opening flower buds.
My potatoes have just erupted from the soil.  They were well advanced at this time last year, but this year I have not yet soiled up.
Lettuce is doing well in the greenhouse and the heads are in many cases, higher than the tomato plants.  Last year at this time, the tomatoes were much higher and in full flower with a few green tomatoes showing on the trusses.  The long and cold winter has delayed many plants in  the garden this year, no doubt the supermarkets will profit in the short term.

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