Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Thrush in residence

This year we have a pair of song thrushes living around the garden. These birds are a welcome addition to the avian residents as they have made a significant difference to the vegetable patch in our garden.
At the side of the pond is a slab which the thrushes have been using as an anvil. There are a large number of broken garden snail shells in this area. Other parts of the garden have similar accumulations of snail shells. In fact it is very difficult to find garden snails anymore. The frogs from the pond also seem to be reducing the garden slug population, so I am expecting a good crop of vegetables this year.
There was a bit of an event this morning. One of our cats was very excited, chasing a thrush chick along the garden wall. The cat was play chasing rather than in kill mode, so the chick was in good health. I picked it up and examined it, then put it into a box with a few meal worms. I popped the box up into a plum tree near to their nest site. I wish I had photographed it now....
It was not long before one of the parent birds had found the box containing its stray chick. Hopefully, if the chick is fed for a few more days its primary feathers will have grown sufficiently to allow it to fly. OK, the box was a cat food box, but the birds did not seem to mind!
Afterwards we went for a stroll around Trentham Lake and gardens. We occasionally sit on a bench beyond the main garden cafe and the local robins visit us for scraps. I was quite pleased with this photo.
I will check on the thrush chick tomorrow. I don't want the fuss that we had with a starling chick in a previous Spring.

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