Friday, 7 May 2010

Thrush update 2

It is clear that the thrushes have fledged some young, but I have been unable to ascertain how many. Any chicks are hiding in the undergrowth. The adult birds have started to build a new nest. This is being padded out with moss from the lawn as I type. The nest is in a ceoanthus bush at the edge of the back patio quite close to the house.
This is the best picture from my poor attempt to photograph the thrushes flying in and out of the bush yesterday evening.
I am delighted to be finding the remnants of snail shells. It is quite surprising how many the thrushes are finding. My concern is that a second brood of thrushes will clear out all of the slugs and snails and move on to a new home, leaving me with lots of snail eggs in the soil.

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Helen said...

Well they can always move in here - we always have plwenty of slugs and snails!