Saturday, 31 July 2010

Erecting fence panels

Our old fence is about 15 years old now and it has been decaying for the past two years.  having earned a sum of money from my exam marking, it is about time we used some of this cash to replace the old fence panels.  Off to the local builders merchants to order some for Monday - "Sorry we do not have s driver on that day. Can you take them today?" So we are now the proud owners of some new fence panels.
Taking the old panels out was easy, most of them fell out.  Squeezing the new panels into the posts was another matter.  Most went in OK, but a couple of panels had been out in  the rain at the builders merchants and they were damp - about twice as heavy as the dry panels - and they were difficult to handle.
It is good to have a smart new fence.  I am sure that our neighbours are just as pleased as we are.  The next big task is to rebuild the shrub and flower boarders around the top lawn.  That is quite a challenge.
Looking at the first of our raised beds, I took out the herbs and replaced them with pumpkins in the early Spring.  Rosie suggested that a home grown pumpkin would be a treat at Halloween.  It looks as if that wish may now be realised as the pumpkins are progressing quite well.

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